Andrew Golf Design:

New designs and significant renovations

Laval-Sur-le-Lac, Montreal

New creations tapping into a career of an architect who has worked on many of the best courses in North America. That’s what Ian Andrew brings to a new design—attention to the nuanced details that make a course work, from outstanding routings to clever ways of engaging all golfers with ingenious putting surfaces and surrounds.

Having spent his early career working on numerous new designs throughout Canada, Ian’s work at Laval-Sur-Le-Lac’s Blue Course outside of Montreal took a tired, unimpressive golf course and turned it into the second-highest rated course in Quebec and a Top 100 course in Canada.

Designed in collaboration with Mike Weir, the Blue Course is celebrated for taking classic concepts and implementing them in a modern fashion, creating a walking-friendly member course that is truly timeless and unforgettable.

“Ian’s expertise in building courses and his creativity, mixed with my experience at great courses like Augusta and Valderama, really helped us create something interest at Laval. We’d talk through something and Ian’s creative mind would go to work.”

—Mike Weir, 2003 Masters Champion and co-designer at Laval-sur-le-lac Blue Course

The truth is not every course should be restored. Sometimes it makes more sense to reconsider a design and make broad changes that result in a better experience. Ian brings considerable experience to significant renovations where a course benefits from being completely reconsidered.

In Toronto, Ian’s reworking of Maple Downs elevated the course into the Top 100 in Canada, and the club’s 12th hole has become celebrated as one of the best short fours in Canada. Similarly, his redesign of Laval-sur-le-lac’s Blue Course, created with Canadian golf legend Mike Weir, elevated a previously mundane property and turned it into a Top 100 in Canada course.

Everyone recognizes there are mundane golf courses on excellent ground. Ian is the architect to turn to when you want to truly elevate your course.

New design services:

• Site walks
• Routing Options
• Routing Plan
• Design Philosophy
• Detailed Design
• Color Plan for Marketing
• Proposed Images of New Course
• Media Interviews to Promote Project
• Detailed Budget for Project
• Construction Drawings
• Contract, Tender and Specifications
• Construction Supervision

Maple Downs, Toronto